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Radical Wholeness Live

Radical Wholeness is a 10 Session Online Journey guided by Sarah Oben, David Young and Heather Thalheimer.


The journey is about discovering a better way to fuel your life and experience the results you want. Something that’s more sustainable, less draining, and ultimately more fulfilling. It’s about going from what we call toxic achievement to what we have come to know as Radical Wholeness.  

Next Date:
Sept 6th - Nov 15th
Wednesdays, 8-10 pm EST

Course Fee: $600
Payment options & limited scholarships are available.
Contact for information about scholarships.
  • Small mastermind groups
  • 1 on 1 private sessions
  • Weekly group sessions
  • Group meditation
  • Interactive tools
  • Dedicated App
  • Guided meditations
  • Online community chat
  • Office hours
  • Invitation to join WH Plus

Through Radical Wholeness You Will:

  • Discover a new way to love yourself

  • Experience wholeness through becoming aware of the ways you have separated from yourself, others, and your environment

  • Gain learnable, usable, and sustainable practices to experience a new and more satisfying way of living. 

  • Meet other people who want to be part of a heart-centered community.


1. What You’ve Really Been Withholding: Love

  • Explore the role of love in how we process difficult experiences.

  • Identify the impact of Toxic Achievement in your life.

  • Understand the Four Realms of Consciousness and see how they shape your life and relationships. 

  • Experience your ability to naturally love, grow and expand.  

2. Explore the 3 Energetic Systems: Body, Emotions and Mind 

  • Practice processing the five emotion groups. 

  • Develop emotional intelligence: sensing & locating, processing & releasing

  • Learn to hear the wisdom behind anger, fear, and sadness. 

  • Break free from repressing and/or recycling emotions and thoughts. 

3. Understanding and Integrating Wounded Ego States

  • Discover how your identity is influenced by the interplay of your emotions and thoughts. 

  • Explore what happens when the 3 energetic systems become overwhelmed. 

  • Heal disempowering beliefs and access a sense of wholeness.

  • Learn how to integrate and release your wounded ego states.

4. Using the 5 Stages of the WholeHearted Cycle to Flourish and Expand


  • Gain Presence & Awareness

  • Cultivate Clarity & Focus

  • Develop Skills & Relationships

  • Find ways of Unblocking & Expanding

  • Experience Love & Divine Connection


Sarah Oben

Sarah is the creator of Meditation Monday and co-facilitator of Radical Wholeness. Sarah utilizes a holistic approach to support the mental, emotional, spiritual, relational, and physical wellbeing of the people she works with. 


She supports the growth of individuals, families and groups to bring mindfulness to healing, wellbeing, and relationships.


Sarah's background and interests include marriage and family therapy, functional nutrition, ancestral & collective trauma healing, and mindfulness meditation. She loves baking, being outside, and making art. 

Follow Sarah
IG: @sarah_oben
Insight Timer: @sarahoben

David Young

David is the co-founder of WholeHearted. As a coach and speaker, he supports communities to heal from collective trauma, re-establish healthy communication, and love fearlessly.

With a background in East Asian philosophy, international diplomacy, and community development, David's dream is to create a culture of WholeHeartedness for future generations. He loves traveling, hanging out in tea shops, and camping with his kids.

Follow David
IG: @david.young.coaching
Insight Timer: @zhengxian

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Heather Thalheimer

Heather is the creator of Four Minute Fridays and author of Being WholeHearted: Finding new ways of thinking and living.


Heather loves books of all shapes and sizes and is fascinated by the power of words and ideas to transform people’s lives. She is a writer and content creator and has traveled the world presenting at seminars and conferences in Asia, Europe, and the United States.


Heather has extensive experience in the non-profit world and offers conscious leadership training for teams and individuals. As a coach, Heather recognizes the power of friendship and community in building a wholehearted life.

Follow Heather

IG: @thalheimerheather

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