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Digestion Hubs

"Collective stress and trauma have much to teach us if we are willing to learn."

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DigestionHubs™  offer a safe, professional space to process toxic stress and trauma in order to regulate our individual and collective nervous systems and embody greater resilience and emotional health. 

Collective trauma and stress can actually weigh an organization down and show up as burnout, organizational dysfunction, or team conflict . Oftentimes we don't have the space within ourselves to digest the stress and trauma that our organizations carry. 

Digestions Hubs™ can be utilized to process extreme scenarios as well as the everyday traumas arising from the slow burnout and emotional exhaustion associated with exposure to the emotions and distress of peers, co-workers or clients. WholeHearted offers needed support and professional development around how to be empathetic and emotionally engaged while maintaining your own nervous system’s regulation.

Digestion Hubs™ are led by trained facilitators and can be organized in the office, the boardroom, or virtually. This small group practice fosters effective communication, trauma integration, and a felt experience of being understood. Through somatic processing and transparent communication techniques participants can become aware of and learn how to process their emotions in a healthy way. 

As we process in a Digestion Hub™, trauma and toxic stress transform into personal and organizational wisdom. This wisdom is an embodied foundation for personal, team, and organizational, transformation in the workplace.

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