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a 3-day workshop retreat 

for individuals who grew up, lived in, or are currently part of the UC community
Mar 14th 7pm to 17th 2pm

Many of our wounds were created in relationships —relationships to each other, to religious structures, to culture, and in community.

We were wounded in relationship and we can heal in relationships.

That’s why we’re coming together.


This is an opportunity for  . . .

  • Individuals who grew up, lived in, or are a part of the UC community.

  • Focusing on healing and restoring the wounds experienced within our community, while acknowledging both the value and challenges of our experiences.

  • Engaging with others who share similar experiences and understand the impact of these wounds that we carry in our bodies and in our relationships.

  • Being in a beautiful retreat location in nature with an atmosphere that fosters deep connections and healing experiences.



About The Program 

  • Focused Healing: Tailored for individuals connected to the UC community, this program centers on acknowledging, addressing, and healing the wounds experienced within our shared community.

  • Comprehensive Approach: The program takes a comprehensive approach to healing, offering insights into signs and symptoms of trauma, the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), and awareness of systemic and intergenerational trauma. Symptoms of trauma are seen as adaptive rather than pathological, and how feeling ashamed of them inhibits our ability to heal.

  • Safe Space: Provides a safe, inclusive, and nurturing environment, fostering trust and vulnerability essential for deep healing and personal development.

  • Inclusive Environment: It welcomes a diverse range of perspectives and experiences within the UC community, providing a space where individuals' unique stories and journeys are respected and valued.

  • Body-Mind Connection: Recognizing that wounds are stored in the body, the program offers a holistic healing approach that addresses both physical and emotional aspects, focusing on the body-mind connection.

  • Getting Unstuck: Explore strategies to identify where you hold wounding or trauma and how to digest and integrate your experiences, so they no longer hold you back.

  • Facilitated Process: Led by experienced facilitators well-versed in community healing practices, the program provides a safe and structured environment for participants to explore and heal, while gaining the unique wisdom and resilience of healed trauma. 

  • Healing Resources: Offers tools, techniques, and resources aimed at supporting you to continue your ongoing healing journey post-program. 

Why Should I Go? 

  • The memory of our wounds are carried in our body and impact our relationships.

  • Because our wounds are stored in our bodies, they do not disappear through “moving on” or “talking about it”.

  • Your body can digest, restore, and heal from collective wounding.

  • The benefit of doing the work of healing is the deep wisdom and freedom we gain for our lives. 

  • It’s a chance to talk with people who get you.

  • Because you’re ready for the healing process.

In this retreat we will cover

Screenshot 2023-12-26 at 2.40.19 PM.png

Early Bird: $375 (closes Mar 1st) 
Regular: $425 (closes Mar 8th)

Virtual Fee: $125


About the Facilitators

David Young & Heather Thalheimer

David Young, M.A., CMMT is a certified meditation teacher, coach, and group facilitator. David supports communities to heal from collective trauma, re-establish healthy communication, and love fearlessly.


David is the co-creator and co-facilitator of Attuned: Becoming Trauma Informed & Trauma Responsive In Professional Settings, and Radical Wholeness: A 10-Week Online Journey. He is a student of collective trauma healing with Thomas Hübl and loves traveling, hanging out in tea shops, and camping with his kids. 

Heather Thalheimer is a content creator and author of WholeHearted Podcast's Four Minute Fridays and Being WholeHearted: Finding new ways of Thinking and Living. Professionally, Heather has extensive leadership experience in the nonprofit world and offers executive coaching and attuned leadership training for teams and individuals. 


Heather is the co-creator and co-facilitator of Attuned: Becoming Trauma Informed & Trauma Responsive In Professional Settings, and Radical Wholeness: A 10-Week Online Journey. She is a student of trauma-informed care and collective trauma healing. She is a certified Thomas Hubl Transparent Communication Practice Group leader. As a coach, Heather recognizes the power of friendship and community in building a wholehearted life. 

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